Covid-19 Virus Fact vs. Fiction


I have been treating people who have Covi-19 infection. It seems that too many people have the misconception that recovering from this virus is like getting over the common cold. I just saw a youtube video in which Dr. Roger Hodkinson says that Covid-19 is just another flu during a “bad flu season.” He states one should not get tested unless he/she is presenting to a hospital for respiratory diffculty. That is a foolish and dangerous notion. Covid-19 affects the body like no other virus in history. This virus attacks cells in the respiratory tract on a genetic level. This invokes a massive inflammatory response which, more often than not, produces a cascade of devastating effects against vital organs.

These are the common effects of Covid-19 infection:

1. aggressive inflammatory responses which become chronic causing bronchospasms, massive respiratory congestion, coughing fits;

2. Elevation of platelets which could lead to blood clots causing heart attack, stroke or pulmonary embolism;

4. Drop in red blood cell volume, reducing the amount of oxygen carried to the cells.

5. Secondary bacterial pneumonia.

If you are positive for Covid-19 do not try to tough it out. You need to be under the care of a nurse practitioner or physician. You will need blood tests and a chest X-ray to determine what complications are likely to arise. Treatment has to be aggressive without delay, usually with nebulizer treatments, steroids, antibiotics, vitamins, minerals, etc. If you are positive for Covid-19 call your provider immediately. If he or she tells you not to worry, it’s time to find another provider. Your care can be rendered remotely by a licensed provider located anywhere in the USA. All health insurers will pay the bills and if you have no health insurance, don’t worry; the U.S. government will pay all of the bills through the Department of Health and Human Services.

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