Always caring. He is going out of town, and he called his patients to let them know. Now, that’s a caring doctor, not a stuck up snob like the rest of these “doctors” in Las Vegas, that only have a mouth and no ears! Dr. Thomas Sharon THANK YOU FOR TAKING GOOD CARE OF MYSELF AND MY GRANDFATHER! 10 STARS MY FRIEND! Shawn J.

One of the best and easiest Doctors to speak to and explain your symptoms to. I would recommend him to everyone!

Best most caring doc ever really makes you feel like he listen an actually cares. Cross L.

He is a very caring Doctor. He definitely has his heart in his job . Thank u Doc!! Velma B.

Dr. Sharon is an angel in a hard line of work. I thank my stars I found him!!! Kim L.

Very knowledgeable and clear about the meds and the purpose they served. Aaron T.

He was very polite and has great bedside manner . I was very impressed. Alecia A.

He’s great!! Definitely will recommend him to anyone. Monique M.

Most honest doctor I ever met. Mikias G.

Great very understanding! Dylan M.

My visit wit Dr.Sharon was extremely pleasant. He was very polite, listened very carefully to everything I said and all of my symptoms, and made sure I was safe and taken care of! 10/out of 10!!! Abas M.

Always on top of my health. Very caring and compassionate. Listens to you and understands. Today’s younger doctors need to watch how real medicine is practiced… THANK YOU DR. SHARON 5 STARS MY FRIEND! Shawn J.

Very great doctor! Don G.